Before Xmas

OUTFIT: Top: ED. Amaranth Top (Black)

ACCESSORIES: Eudora3D Steam TopHat Red (from Treasure Chest – December), Eudora3D Steam Monocle (from Treasure Chest – December), Meva Cubes Necklace and Earring, **RE** Piercing Lip A+B Female, [NikotiN] Classic Cigarette.

BODY: Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. Skin: Sinful Curves Paloma Tank Light Brown. Shape: Akasha Queen of Damned Shape (modified).Eyes: adoness : constellation eyes (from Treasure Chest – December). Tattoo: Dream Ink Design-T.E.S-24-6 G and Diavolo Creations FaceTattoo1.2. Hair: [Decoy] Caito Hair (from Treasure Chest – December).

DECOR: [UN] Twitchy Bun – Snow (from Treasure Chest – December) , {RW} Tarkhan Holiday Candelabra (from Treasure Chest – December), {RW} Coffee & Donuts (from Treasure Chest – December), [dc] Big City Life Skybox, Soy. Hickory Couch [Antique #602] (from the MadPea Interview – Gold Prize).


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