Ready to Sacrifice

The February Treasure Chest finally arrived, and i was so anxious to open all the boxes to see all the cool stuffs the creators came up this round for the Dungeon Crawl theme. I love this subscription box, because it’s always inspiring me to make some here is the very first – and i’m sure will be at least one more later.

Here i used the ~*S.E.*~ TC – Sacrificial Rite Stage (30 land impact), the ~*S.E.*~ TC – Sacrificial Rite Altar (2 land impact) and the Anachron – Medieval Torch Dispensing Sconce as decoration/animation, and i’m wearing the adoness : valerian : cerise hair and the Entice – Adrenaline Corset with it’s matching arm cuffs. In my hand i’m holding the Unrepentant Rouge’s Knife.

I also used some jewelry from the former boxes, like the *HEXtraordinary – Kraken Earcuff and the [Fetch] Savior Earrings, and mixed it with my Blueberry – Rene Pants, Meva Alkova Boots and my usual Real Evil piercings.


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