For most Sunday is for chill-out, but for me is a working day. Not even a regular one, because usually is the busiest, hardest of the week. Today was no difference, so my freshness from the morning quickly vanished by night.

In such day’s i need some big water – sea or ocean or even a huge river – to sit near, or sail on to chill and recharge. Sadly i’m not living close to the seaside, but even my little hide-out island from Second Life is relaxing me.


It’s the most peaceful place on earth – wish if i’d have it for real – so I thought i’ll make a few pictures in a hope that will chill-out you too!


I’ll drive you home

So here i am, as i presumed earlier i couldn’t stop taking only one picture from the latest Treasure Chest, and today, when i finally had that spare time for trying on this cool dress with a “knife-armed” west called Rogue by Unrepentant and found my favorite texture combination from the provided HUD i could already see a story in front of my eyes.

I played steampunkish this time – mixed with my post-apocalyptic prosthetic by DRD which is luckily works with my Maitreya body – so i quickly went on searching for a proper place that works with my idea. I quickly found a place called The Rostrum where a fun little truck waited for me to fire it’s engine and lean back, waiting to see who needs a ride home. Please, don’t freak out from my knifes, nor from the axe attached to my prosthetic – and as you can see, i have a lamp so we wont get lost!

Btw, this cool little attachable Brass Lantern (by The Half Moon Market) is also from this February Treasure Chest, while the Ace’s Steamer Hat (by The Forge ) is from a previous one.

Oh..i also wear from this chest the Sapphire Headdress by ERSCH, though i’m afraid that can’t be properly seen on this picture. Anyways, this was another fun round for me..and looking forward to find my next inspirational item or place in Second Life.

I made my point!

My artsy mood knocked on my door and i let it in! At least i think so, because i pretty much enjoyed working on these pictures. Looking at them you might notice a fetishistic tendency – which is correct, because all my inspiration came from these beautiful gears, but beyond the sexual teasing i tried to express visually some of my social/political comment about whats happening around me, around us!

I will let you guessing my message…


But let me talk about these inspiring gears. On both picture i used items by Constraint, as follows: [CON] Strapped Torture Underbust Corset – Leather, OA/[CON] Sluts Harness (Pleasure Belt, Body Harness and Leather Cuffs), [CON] Vampire Gloves (Leather) – BENTO compatible, and the superstar of the second picture is the [CON] Third Eye Blindfold!

Not as it would be too important in this case, but i wear Maitreya Mesh Body.

Ready to Sacrifice

The February Treasure Chest finally arrived, and i was so anxious to open all the boxes to see all the cool stuffs the creators came up this round for the Dungeon Crawl theme. I love this subscription box, because it’s always inspiring me to make some here is the very first – and i’m sure will be at least one more later.

Here i used the ~*S.E.*~ TC – Sacrificial Rite Stage (30 land impact), the ~*S.E.*~ TC – Sacrificial Rite Altar (2 land impact) and the Anachron – Medieval Torch Dispensing Sconce as decoration/animation, and i’m wearing the adoness : valerian : cerise hair and the Entice – Adrenaline Corset with it’s matching arm cuffs. In my hand i’m holding the Unrepentant Rouge’s Knife.

I also used some jewelry from the former boxes, like the *HEXtraordinary – Kraken Earcuff and the [Fetch] Savior Earrings, and mixed it with my Blueberry – Rene Pants, Meva Alkova Boots and my usual Real Evil piercings.


OUTFIT: Dress: L&B Swear (MED B) “Teese” Leather Corset Dress. Gloves: [CON] Vampire Gloves – Leather. Shoes:  N-core NIKA “Black”.

ACCESSORIES: **RE** Piercing Lip A+B Female, Meva Enia Bracelet, Necklace and Earring (black).

BODY: Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. Skin: Sinful Curves Paloma Tank Light Brown. Shape: Akasha Queen of Damned Shape (modified). Eyes: Atomic {Eyes} Espionage – Steal. Tattoo: Dream Ink Design-T.E.S-24-6 G and Diavolo Creations FaceTattoo1.2. Hair: eXxEsS : LAIMA A


OUTFIT: Corset: [CON] Strapped Torture Underbust Corset – Leather. Shorts: Blueberry – Lola – Denim Shorts (Stoned). Boots:  N-core SURVIVOR “Black”.

ACCESSORIES: **RE** Piercing Lip A+B Female, [NikotiN] Classic Cigarette, Meva Cubes Necklace and Bracelet, Meva Skull Nipple Cover, [MANDALA]SINRA Rings Season3.

BODY: Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. Skin: Sinful Curves Paloma Tank Light Brown. Shape: Akasha Queen of Damned Shape (modified).Eyes: adoness : constellation eyes (from Treasure Chest – December). Tattoo: Dream Ink Design-T.E.S-24-6 G and Diavolo Creations FaceTattoo1.2. Nails: [Formanails] Scarabeus. Hair: [Decoy] Caito Hair (from Treasure Chest – December).

My Workspace

I just revamped my workspace. Brand new building – i made – and got inspired to make some study furniture from worn wood, filled with my favorite quotes. I’m also a gacha addict, and as you can see, i love to fill my spaces with lots of them. I won’t name all of the things you see here, but besides my own Diavolo Creations for sure i have some stuffs from Soy, Second Spaces, Constraint, 7even, Junk, Sin+Toro, Dusty Bunny, Apple Fall and Mad Pea.