Exit Past

Can we really change or we just simply showing off all those small bits of knowledge we are accumulating during years without actually loosing connection with our roots? Feeling like ages ago, but unaware reacting like a foreigner, molded and sculpted by all those well learned impulses we got. Trapped into past, afraid from transforming. But couldn’t help but wonder: if we would really exit past wouldn’t we kick in all we are, all that made us, and leading further?!


Ugh, sorry for all these ramblings. I was just really thinking these days about how we are changing during our life, how long the road is till we transform into something we might never expected.


More than words…

Music is universal language – same like pictures, but the best part of them is that you will hear or read out exactly what applies to you. No unrelated, useless information, only what you really need and want. Will travel you, will cheer you, will embrave you, will move you and yes..sometimes can sadden you – but that’s more than words will ever do.

Morning Glory

And as my all time favorite, the mighty Rolling Stone’s sings: “Give me the beat boys and free my soul, i wanna get lost in your rock’n’roll and drift away!”

And yes..i was sinnin’ again and subscribed for the latest round of Bishbox (June) and from all those Rock Rebel stuffs the designers created i choose for these pictures: [I<3F]&Co – Corset, Minimal – Samsara Tank, Varonis – Leather Shorts, Yummy – Though Love Choker, Nani – Sid Hair. But come on.. you really thought i could skip a Rock Rebel theme?